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How To Run A Successful Private Practice: Systemization

So you’ve started your own private practice. Now what?

Have you noticed thing are a lot more frantic and disorganized than you expected? Are you spending more time managing your practice than you are actually seeing your patients?

If so, you might have something in common with Dr. Sapna Doshi, PhD, owner of Mind Body Health in Arlington, VA.

After overcoming the self doubt of starting her own clinic just two years into her practice, Dr. Doshi poured everything she had into building and growing Mind Body Health. But this left her feeling burnt out, working so hard in the early years of her clinic that it affected her health.

After making a few key pivots, though, she was able to regain her free time, focus on self care, and build her practice all at the same time. And today, Mind Body Health is a thriving clinic, with 25 clinicians on staff.

What did she do? She focused on building more efficient systems in her business, building trust in her staff, and delegating tasks. In this episode, you’ll find practical tips on how to improve your practice efficiency.

  • Why the free/cheap option isn’t always the best
  • How to get your staff onboard with efficiency changes
  • How to avoid chasing patients down for payments
  • The one big mistake Dr. Doshi made that set her back

If you think you don’t have time to listen to this episode, think about why that’s the case. If it’s because you’re weighed down with administrative tasks, that’s a sure sign you need to listen to this episode.

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