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Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Own Private Medical Practice. Yes, Really.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Own Private Practice. Yes, Really | Symbiosis Health Care Clinic Medical Coworking Space Operations Management

It’s no secret that times are tough right now.

The continuing difficulty due to COVID-19 has meant many clinics are seeing drastically reduced numbers in patients and cutting the hours of their staff.

In fact, it currently stands as one of the top reasons why healthcare practices are losing money.

At the same time, large medical clinics and hospitals are busier than ever.

Many folks across the country have been out of work, some for months.

And as dissatisfying as it might be, you’ve got a stable job with a steady paycheck coming in.

Before the COVID-19 crisis began, you were considering starting your own private medical practice.

But in times of such uncertainty, it can be tempting to cling to the areas of certainty that you do have; namely, your stable hospital or clinic job.

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It might be counterintuitive, but a time like this is the perfect time to venture out.

Believe it or not, the advantages of starting your own clinic are as plentiful as ever.

Here at Symbiosis, we’re skilled at helping our clients achieve success in their private practice despite the pandemic.

Don’t believe us?

Well, keep reading and let’s see if we can change your mind.

What’s Coming In The Future?

Few of us alive today have ever dealt with such a world changing event before, so it’s hard to know how to react.

It’s scary, no doubt.

But take a step back for a moment and think logically about it.

Currently, numerous kinds of vaccines are available.

If you have faith in modern medicine, then you must understand we’ll continue developing ways to fight this virus.

Once that happens, things will start to normalize.

Maybe not overnight, but they will.

So as overwhelming as things currently are, it can be heartening to recognize that they won’t always be that way.

Starting A Private Medical Practice Takes Time

At the same time, you might be thinking you have to quit your job right away and dive into starting your own private medical practice full time.

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But there’s room for a more measured approach.

Unlike many other types of healthcare providers, medical practices take some time to get going.

This is especially true right now, but even in the best of times it takes a while, and it mostly has to do with insurance.

Getting approved as an insurance biller generally takes anywhere from 60-120 days.

Also, you’ll need to put together the private practice digital marketing team who will help you get patients through the door.

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A big part of this will be your online presence, which includes your website, social media platforms, etc.

Your website plays a massive role in your private practice success and can even give you an advantage over your competitors.

In their examination of various radiology private practice websites, Johnson et. al found that the most common deficiencies in online content surrounded safety and quality information as well as non payment related online functionality.

Thus, finding where your competitors’ online presence falls short and gaining knowledge from their mistakes can help you to boost your online presence.

But, as we’ve already stated, this process takes time.

When it comes to marketing after you open your private practice, a big part of that is SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization”.

If you’ve never heard of that before, it’s the process of getting your website to the top of Google.

It’s an incredibly powerful way to grow your business, but the reality is it does take time.

Time to build and determine what should be on your website, first of all.

And then time to work on your website and give the search engines what they’re looking for to get you ranked high enough to get traffic and some client inquiries.

That’s a whole lot of waiting.

But while you’re waiting, you can still work your current job, still bring in a paycheck, and then transition into your private practice once it has had a chance to pick up.

Is it really that simple?

Not quite.

How Symbiosis Removes The Obstacles To Starting Your Own Private Medical Practice

Of course, there’s more standing in your way than just getting approved by insurance and getting your website to the top of Google.

There’s finding the right location to start your clinic, setting up the IT infrastructure, private practice healthcare billing solutions, operations processes, hiring staff, and a lot more.

This is where Symbiosis comes into play.

When you decide to join the medical coworking space at Symbiosis, you’ll have access to all of the tools needed to start your own private practice.

Just bring your expertise and credentials.

Here are some of the problems Symbiosis helps you solve.

1. A Fully Prepared Medical Office With An Official Address In Days

If you want to go solo, it will take a considerable amount of time to get your medical office prepared.

First, you’ll need to find a location.

Then you’ll need to renovate it.

You’ll need to coordinate a number of different trades people to get the job done, but before that you’ll need to know what even needs to be done in the first place.

Do you need new electrical work?

New plumbing?


New windows?

You could make your life a little easier by hiring a general contractor, but how do you know what to look for in one and if you’re being overcharged or not?

With Symbiosis, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

It’s all included in our medical coworking space.

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We can help you step into a brand new, turn key clinic space designed to meet your needs.

All you need to do is practice medicine.

How Symbiosis Removes The Obstacles To Starting Your Own Medical Practice | Symbiosis Health Care Clinic Medical Coworking Space Operations Management

2. Legal, Operations, Strategy? We’ve Got You Covered

Naturally, there’s a lot of oversight on somebody running a medical clinic.

And for good reason.

After all, you’re dealing with someone’s health.

But as a result, there are many legal hurdles to jump through.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Do you have the proper licensing for the jurisdiction where you practice?

And beyond that, what about the operational or strategic issues?

What sort of software are you going to use to manage your clinic?

How will you protect your patients’ private information?

Who’s going to take out the garbage and keep the clinic clean?

Who’s going to take care of scheduling?

There are hundreds of tiny little decisions that you as a healthcare provider owning a private medical practice will need to worry about.

When you work with Symbiosis, we’ll take care of 99% of them.

We offer a turnkey solution, so you can focus on what you’re good at: providing healthcare.

3. Insurance

If you’ve been practicing medicine as part of a larger organization like a hospital, you’re likely covered under your employer’s insurance.

But if not, you’ll need your own coverage.

But the world of insurance can be as confusing as real estate to navigate.

What’s the best option for your needs?

Insurance salespeople have that reputation, and yes not all of them are like that but it does present a challenge in finding a trustworthy one.

But that’s not the only issue you have to deal with as far as insurance goes, is it?

You’ll need to get credentialed with the various health insurance providers you’d like to participate with, and navigating that world is just as confusing.

Not to worry.

Symbiosis has you covered.

We’ll set you up with all the insurance you need to run your practice.

4. A Digital Marketing Strategy

Okay, so you’ve started your own private medical practice.

Now what?

Lots of people like to quote that famous line from Field of Dreams: if you build it, they will come.

That might be true for a baseball diamond, but not for a private healthcare clinic.

If you build it, so what?

You might be the greatest doctor alive, but if nobody knows your clinic exists, nobody is going to see you.

Sure, patient referrals help, but word of mouth can only travel so far.

That’s where digital marketing comes into play.

In a 2019 article written by Kevin D. St. Clergy, digital marketing is recommended as an effective and affordable way at attracting new patients to a private practice.

Symbiosis works with an industry leading team of digital marketers who will make sure your potential patients find you.

From website design to search engine optimization, email marketing to branding collateral and much, much more, you’ll get an online presence that looks fantastic and, more importantly, that gets found in search.

5. Being Able To Practice Part Time

So, we get it.

It’s an uncertain time, and it’s important to feel like you have a sense of stability.

So even though you don’t love your job, it might be one of the only sources of continuity in your life.

But you still want to start a private healthcare practice.

Not to worry, Symbiosis can help.

With Symbiosis, you can be in private practice as much (or as little) as you like.

At first, you may only be able to practice a couple days a week while you continue working your job as an employee.

If you rented your own space, you’ve got just as much rent to pay.

But with Symbiosis, you pay only for the space you need.

And then, as your practice grows and you work your way up to being your own boss, your space at Symbiosis can expand in relation to your needs.

Contact Symbiosis To Start Your Own Private Practice Today

So, what’re waiting for?

At Symbiosis, you’ll get the tools necessary for starting your private practice at a fraction of the cost.

To find out more about how to work with Symbiosis, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Don’t put off your dream of opening your own private medical practice any longer.

Contact Symbiosis today.

Contact Symbiosis and take your first step toward starting your own private practice today.

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Our Practice In A Box solutions take all the headaches out of opening and scaling your own private practice. We provide the clinic medical coworking space, operations, management, and more. Do what you do best – practice medicine – and leave the rest to us. From start to finish, we make sure your business is ready and thriving. This is what makes Symbiosis the smarter choice.