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Choose your plan to get started

We recognize that starting your own healthcare private practice is not a one size fits all approach. Every practitioner is different, so everyone has their own set of needs. That’s why we offer several different service packages, to best suit your needs. Each plan is customizable to your unique needs as well. That way, you get only what you need, and nothing else.

Best Value

Practice Accelerator

Our flagship service plan, the Practice Accelerator program empowers you to get your practice started, manage the daily operations, and scale it to the point that it becomes not only your full time job, but provides you a good standard of living.



Try it Out

Practice Starter

Our Practice Starter Plan is a membership-based service that lets you pay only for the time in the clinic space you actually need. Slowly make your move from corporate healthcare job to a much more satisfying career in private practice.



  • Dedicated Clinic Space

  • Amenities

  • Practice Management

  • Patient Care Management

  • Comprehensive Clinic IT

  • Shared Clinic Space

  • Amenities

  • IT Support

Choose among our standalone support services

Are you already operating a successful private practice? Do you find your clinic isn’t running as smoothly as you know it could? If so, you’re not alone.

Many private practice owner-operators end up wasting a significant amount of time on marketing, billing, scheduling, and other administrative tasks that eat into the time you should be spending actually practicing medicine.

Find more information on each of the private practice support services we offer.

Practice Management Dashboard

Stop the leaking, and automate your practice backend to keep your clinic as profitable as possible

Patient Care Dashboard

Save time and energy by automating and streamline your patient intake process

  • Automate and streamline your practice revenue cycle management

  • Work with your existing EMR & practice management software

  • Look at key performance metrics of your practice

  • Spot any missed opportunities for billing, appointments, and other potential sources of missing income

  • Customize your audits for your specific practice

  • Prevent tasks from falling through the cracks

  • Reduce the potential for human error

  • Customizable to meet your unique needs

  • Works with your existing IT system

  • Spend less time on data entry

  • Spend more time with patients

  • Make more money

In/Out-of-Network Billing Services

Simplify the process of billing your patients who have out of network benefits.

Digital Marketing

Build a web presence for your clinic that brings you new clients even as you sleep

  • Bill your patient’s out of network insurance company directly

  • Spend less time on the phone dealing with out of network health insurance

  • Simplify the billing process for your staff, reducing human error

  • Reduce barriers for out of network insured patients to see you

  • Credentialing with insurance providers

  • Build a website that convinces visitors to contact you

  • Position your website at the top of Google when people search for you

  • Target exactly the type of patients & conditions you want

  • Maintain a steady stream of new patients

  • Stay as busy as you’d like to be in your practice