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Should I Start A Mobile Clinic Or A Stationary Clinic?

Should I Start A Mobile Clinic Or A Stationary Clinic | Symbiosis Health Care Clinic Medical Coworking Space Operations Management

Making the decision to start your own practice is a big, exciting step.

But it’s important to remember that the world is changing.

More and more, private practice owners are looking at new innovative ways to draw in patients and provide treatments.

Mobile clinics are one of these possible innovations.

They can change the way healthcare providers operate by providing accessible health services to patients.

One of the questions you might ask yourself before you start your own private practice is should I start a mobile clinic or a stationary clinic?

You’ll have to consider all the factors that go into starting and managing your own clinic.

At Symbiosis we’re here to help you start your own private practice, and structure it by taking most of the hassle out of it.

Now let’s look at mobile clinics and see what some of their advantages and drawbacks are so you can make the best decision.

Benefits Of Starting a Mobile Clinic

Mobile health clinics are an innovative approach by practitioners to provide health services to patients.

Modern technology allows mobile clinics to have everything they need to operate effectively like a stationary clinic.

They follow the same regulations of compliance, healthcare business registering, and assurance of quality as permanent clinics.

There are benefits for both healthcare providers as well as patients though, through a variety of factors.

So what are the benefits of starting a mobile clinic?

Let’s take a look.

They’re Very Accessible

Mobile clinics can be fitted to a variety of types of vehicles so you can take your practice on the road.

If your area of clinical interest is a population that isn’t as mobile, your patients may benefit from you coming to them.

This is why mobile clinics tend to be popular for people who work with seniors, disabled folks, and people living with chronic pain.

In particular, mobile clinics may be an appealing option if you’re planning to:

Providing access to these services allows patients to receive efficient and effective care.

In some cases, it can even lead to early detection and intervention in chronic illnesses.

They’re Convenient For Your Patients

Do you want to remove downtime between appointments and eliminate the hassle of missed appointments?

Well with a mobile clinic you can do so by going directly to your patients.

You’re also able to ensure that you can reach people who live in remote rural areas without direct access to healthcare services.

It’s convenient for those who are affected by conditions that limit their movement or ability to travel.

In severe cases, it can limit the spread of diseases by avoiding public exposure and contact.

Mobile clinics make it easier for everyone to have access to quality healthcare services, regardless of where they live.

You Save Money On A Commercial Lease

Saving money on a commercial lease by operating a mobile health clinic sounds great, right?

Operating a mobile clinic means that your overhead costs are contained to your vehicle and medical equipment rather than a commercial space.

This allows you to equip expensive innovative and necessary technology by paying just a fraction of the cost.

They’re Great For Marketing

Having a mobile clinic essentially means that you’re a moving advertisement for your name and brand.

People on the street will see you drive by, which may lead to more patient inquiries.

Providing accessible services to remote communities might encourage others to reach out so that they can benefit as well.

You’re not only saving money on advertisement but it’s an effective marketing strategy to get your business out there.

…But All This Is True Of A Medical Coworking Space As Well

Many of the benefits of a mobile clinic are similar to those of a shared medical coworking space in Washington DC.

A medical coworking space allows you to avoid many of the hidden costs of running your own private practice.

You avoid the heavy costs of a commercial lease.

You’re opening your clinic in a prime location.

And if it’s a well designed medical coworking space like the one here at Symbiosis in Washington DC, it will already be accessible to whatever population you serve.

And with a combination of the many networking opportunities with other healthcare providers and access to our expert private practice digital marketing team, you’ll get all the advertising you need to grow your private practice.


Drawbacks Of Starting a Mobile Clinic

While mobile health clinics can grant you freedom in running your practice, they do come with their own set of issues.

There is still a lot of stigma about mobile clinics as being subpar to clinics and hospitals in urban areas.

This perception may be based on misinformation but can affect people’s willingness to receive care in this way.

Other than social perception there are several other drawbacks with mobile clinics.

Let’s take a look.

Safety Concerns

Keep in mind that being on the road with a mobile clinic may bring you to remote areas.

It’s possible this may take you into unsafe communities when visiting patients.

This can pose a risk to you as well as your vehicle and medical equipment.

There is also concern with entering patients’ homes.

Operating on your own can leave you vulnerable and exposed.

This can be especially risky if you’re a woman or if you’re providing more physical forms of healthcare, like acupuncture or massage therapy.

Unfortunately it’s hard to screen patients and guarantee a safe location when operating a mobile health clinic.

And what’s more, you don’t want to end up discriminating against people in lower income areas in your practice.

They deserve access to healthcare too.

Travel Time Means Fewer Patients Per Day

The time it takes to travel between patients will affect the volume of people that you’re able to see daily.

It’s also important to consider external factors associated with driving that can cause delays, such as traffic and accidents.

By limiting the amount of people you can see daily, you’re minimizing your earning potential.

As well, if one accident can cause your entire practice to grind to a halt, you’re creating a situation where you have significantly less job security.

Vehicle Costs Add To Your Overhead

Aside from your medical equipment, vehicle costs can be costly and add significantly to your overhead.

Vehicle expenses may include:

  • Fuel (more costly if you operate in a wide area)
  • Vehicle payments
  • Insurance
  • Parking
  • Maintenance

You could cut some of the vehicle costs by sharing your mobile clinic unit with others in your medical community.

But all this will do is further limit the volume of patients you’re able to see and your hours of operation.

You Still Need A Mailing Address

Your mobile clinic would still require you to have a permanent mailing address to receive mail and deliveries.

For safety concerns you should avoid using your home address as your mailing address.

One solution would be to get a PO Box.

While this is convenient, having a PO Box further adds to your overhead.

Here in DC, a PO Box that can receive packages costs $500 monthly.

And a Symbiosis standard membership can receive packages, as well as give you a virtual office, for less than half that.

Benefits Of Starting A Mobile Clinic | Symbiosis Health Care Clinic Medical Coworking Space Operations Management

Why Not Start Your Practice In A Medical Coworking Space Instead?

At Symbiosis we’re here to help you make the most out of owning your own private practice.

Starting your practice in a medical coworking space can help you reduce overhead costs, maintain your budget, and pool resources together with other care providers.

Here at Symbiosis, we take all the stress out of running a private practice.

Office maintenance.

Front desk staff.

Clinical equipment.

IT infrastructure.


Revenue cycle management.

We’ll take care of all this, and more.

This lets you spend more time focusing on practicing medicine and providing quality healthcare for your patients.

Contact Symbiosis To Start Your Own Private Practice Today

If you’re considering starting your own medical practice, contact Symbiosis today.

At Symbiosis we offer a medical coworking space that gives you the freedom and resources to grow your practice.

Whether you’re early in your career or winding your practice down, we’re here to help.

Contact Symbiosis, and take your first step toward starting your own private practice today.

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