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Symplify Your Billing to Maximize Your Profits

Explore Symbiosis’ Healthcare Insurance Billing Solutions, let us empower you to simplify health insurance billing and maximize your profitability.

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Customer Review

Symplify Billing has been the best decision of my life! It helped me focus on my practice while they take care of everything else.

Mr. Omololu "Lou" MajekodunmiFounder/CEO of Triumph Therapeutics

The team at symbiosis has been so instrumental in helping get my business off the ground. Arun, the owner, tells me over and over again “we are here to help you succeed” and I know this is true. They help me problem solve issues I’m having, help my business be more efficient, and give me ideas for marketing. They are also just incredibly kind and friendly. I’m so grateful to have their support!

Ms. Jennifer BranchiniFounder/CEO, Speech Language Pathologist of District Speech & Language Therapy



Eligibility Checks and Patient Authorizations

Claim Submissions & Management

Customizable Audit

Customizable Dashboard

Payment Posting

Invoice & Collections

Point of Sales

Live One-on-One Support System

How We Can Help:

Starting a New Practice

We are experts in setting up new practices. We understand how difficult it is to invest money on costly technology and services without any guarantee that your practice will be a success.

Symplify Billing by Symbiosis is designed to empower you to give you the tools necessary to make the right decisions for your practice.

We will guide you from credentialing to tracking whether payments have been posted to your patients account. Our expertise in billing allows us to streamline the entire claims submissions process, implement audits customized to your practices needs, and get your practice on the road to being profitable faster than going it alone.

Growing Your Practice

Regardless of the size or location of your practice, growing your practice requires accurate revenue reporting, maximizing your profits and minimizing your mistakes.

Symplify Billing will minimize the amount of time you will have to spend in calculating accurate revenue reports for your practice. At the same time by outsourcing the repetitive administrative tasks you will be able to maximize the work day by seeing patients. 

Symplify Billing’s workflow enables you and our team to see what is missing prior to submitting healthcare claims ensuring that deadlines are met and your practice is paid on time. Finally our weekly audit system allows your practice to catch mistakes in real time minimizing missed payments.  

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Why Symplify Billing ?

More Time = More Patients

Enables you to spend more time growing your practice by seeing more patients rather than spending it on administrative work

Reduced Costs = Increased Profits

Cut administrative overhead costs.  Minimize mistakes and reduce losses leading to greater profits

Customized + Actionable Reports

Customized and accurate revenue reports to meet your practice’s need. Make decision with greater confidence in your practices finances

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